BA Systems strenghtens it's marketposition

BA Systems strengthens its market position in BMS products. For many years BA Systems products has mainly been sold as OEM products using names as ISC and Innova. From now on we will market our products under own brand BAS.

BA Systems will keep providing the well known quality and functionality that the customers have come to expect and the sales have now been opened for more dealers and turnkey suppliers.

  • September 2017, BA Systems introduces the BAS 1020 controller which is big upgrade to the trusted BAS 920 which it replaces. 
  • January 2017, BA Systems enters a hosting agreement with KAB for their BMS/SCADA. 
  • December 2016, BA Systems delivers the first system to the Chinese market. 

  • February 2016, BA Systems introduces HTML5 as the web interface for all our products. 

  • January 2016, BA Systems enters an agreement with the TS-Gruppen regarding marketing our products. The TS-Gruppen is a chain supplier consisting of 40 indepedent businesses spread across all of Denmark.

  • October 2015, BA Systems enters an agreement with  Pro Bygningsautomatik and Unic-Automatik as turnkey suppliers. Pro Bygningsautomatik and Unic-Automatik are strategic partners. Thus BA Systems ensures the continued service of products sold using the ISC 2000, ISC 2100, ISC 5000, Innova 914/929 names. It also ensures that new installations can be made and serviced.